"One of the most galling things in my life is that
I spend all day helping people run Microsoft applications."

Jeremy White - CEO of CodeWeavers, a prominent, commercial Linux software vendor.

I've had enough "MS-Hype"!

Now Gates is trying to re-write PC History!???

Gates is asserting that Microsoft was responsible for
creating the personal computer software industry...
and should be allowed to do whatever it wants to,
for the good of the software industry and the computing public!???

Give it a rest AND beware!

Hitler's Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, once boasted:
"Tell a big enough lie often enough and people will believe it's true."

Let's remember that MS-DOS just happened to be given the opportunity
to be the operating system that IBM choose for their Personal Computer.
(No, I don't work for IBM, and never did.)

IBM, with their "open architecture" PC, is who the world clamored for a piece of their action in the early '80s. Most other hardware companies were suing any other company who threatened to compete by offering higher performance or cheaper hardware components.

IBM saw it (at least until PS/2 days) as healthy competition and all the cloning caused the PC platform to become dominant... even WITH a lousy operating system!

Let's face it, MS-DOS was junk!

It didn't even have an acceptable editor until version 5!
(Remember "edlin" before that?
"COPY CON AUTOEXEC.BAT"... was almost easier!)

And how many years was MS-Windows around before version 3 finally marked the beginning of any MS-Windows worth using? (I was using Framework's integrated windows long before MS-Windows appeared.)

Microsoft just happens to be the biggest success story of being in the right place at the right time!

Wouldn't you love to have owned a dinky little business who created... (NoT!, they bought) the single piece of software that HAD to be included on every single computer, whether it was a true IBM PC or even a cheap clone? As I understand it, MS-DOS 1.0 was actually derived from Seattle-DOS, which was derived from Gary Kildall's CP/M-86 (Control Program for Microcomputers). "Personal computer pioneer Gary Kildall, who but for a single failed business deal might have enjoyed the wealth and fame of Bill Gates, died July 11, 1994, in a Monterey hospital at age 52."

No, Gates didn't create his windfall fortune...

IBM... and many "clone" hardware manufacturers
created the Personal Computer Software Industry!

But Microsoft rode the coat-tails until they had enough un-earned money that they could finally attempt to fix their junk... about 10 years later! (Even then, it was still junk. Imagine your car abruptly dying in the middle of a journey as often as MS software dies? "Real" operating systems like UNIX from much smaller companies are tremendously more reliable and robust!)

Even IBM didn't have it as good as Microsoft!

If the PC was non-IBM, IBM received no income, but the computer still required the same pitiful operating system to make the machine run the PC software!

About Microsoft "features"...

If Microsoft really cared about our productivity, wouldn't they fix the bugs that cause their operating systems and applications to "crash and burn" up our time??? But instead, they continue to pour out on us endless "new features" in unstable products which are really just to make a harder target for the more thorough software vendors to aim at.
Every time you purchase "the latest features", aren't you just
fueling this "rat-race" that keeps Gates the wealthiest man on the planet?

How much time have YOU wasted on "Plug-and-Pray" configurations, or rebuilding data application files after the MS program "crashed"???
Gates CAN afford to reimburse us for the time we waste fighting with his products!

And California has finally pushed hard enough for a
Settlement to provide up provide up to $1.1 billion in benefits!
If you hurry!

Support Competition, Free Markets & Innovation

Windows XP Shows the Direction Microsoft is Going.
(This one is a MUST READ!!!!)

"Microsoft has been repeatedly found guilty of antitrust violations but
it has not yet been held accountable for its actions.
It continues to crush innovation, competition, and consumer choice in the software industry."
Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly said the settlement was so wrong-headed that its approval by U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly represented an abuse of her discretion.

Is the Palladium - aka 'Fritz' chip to protect YOU?...
Or to protect THEM by CONTROLLING YOU!???
Now Microsoft has changed Palladium's name to...
"next-generation secure computing base"
(to disguise the guilty?)

Learn about m$ XP, Cracked Passport, Hotmail, ...
that the "Microsoft 'Dream' Includes A Passport For Every Person"!
According to a business plan introduced into evidence in the Microsoft antitrust trial April 22, 2002, the company's "dream" with the Passport online identification and authentication system was to "create the largest and most leveragable database of profiles on the planet" and "A subscription relationship with every user on the Internet." Microsoft already claims the existence of 200 million Passport accounts.
then... Sign Out of Passport!
(100 news articles; FAQ on Microsoft Passport and Windows XP;
Complaints against Microsoft to the Senate Judiciary Comm., House, FTC, and much, much more!)

Read what Windows professionals have to say... and "A few more eXPeriences"!
It's not too late to "Close the Gates"!

How about this piece of "hype"!?:
""We really looked at the fact that customers were letting us know this was a problem,
and decided to break out the monthly cycle to protect consumers
said Stephen Toulouse, security program manager at Microsoft.
He added that Microsoft plans to issue another set of patches on its regular monthly release date next week."
(from a news story on Yahoo Feb. 2, 2004)
Because they apparently already have more patches ready to release, but won't until "next week",
My question is: How does reducing a weekly release of security patches to a monthly schedule
make Microsoft systems ANY better!????

And what about the fear of exploits for week number 2, 3, and 4 of a "regular" month?

Microsoft Trial News   and   Microsoft Trial Cases
(Thanks to Unidos, Inc. for the compilation.)

"Seriously though, discussing solutions in the context of Microsoft's inherently insecure e-mail software
is like deciding what kind of paint you're going to put on the barn once the fire's out."
InfoWorld's Security Watch - P.J. Connolly

"Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4 and 5 allows almost
any Web site you visit to read all the files on your hard disk."
"Window Manager" - Brian Livingston's article:
"More flaws in Internet Explorer and Outlook: Now you can receive e-mails that read you" continues:
"And, because recent versions of Outlook and Outlook Express use IE's code base to display complex e-mail messages,
even an e-mail you receive can read all about you." No attachment is required.

"Microsoft admitted that the problem was in the Windows operating system, and not IE.
So much for the virtues of integration. ... if Bill Gates, Chairman of the Borg, expects us to take him seriously when he prattles on about "trustworthy computing" (insert sound of snickering here) he's going to have to deliver on the goods a lot more quickly."
(P.J. Connolly's article sub titled: "Bloated Microsoft incapable of timely response to security problems in its software")

"The problem with Microsoft's .NET is that it is designed to establish Microsoft as the controlling entity of the future of network computing. ... It is going to provide the authentication services that allow Microsoft to control how people use platforms and tools. It is the only way Microsoft can thrive in the post-PC world." - Nicholas Petreley
"the company's lust for control over the market takes precedence over the well-being and security of its customers. For example, Microsoft is hard at work devising ways to lock you into a system where you pay on a continual basis to use a Microsoft application. Microsoft is not doing this because it is the best solution for its customers. Microsoft is simply running out of ways to entice you to pay for upgrades to its cash-cow applications. If that doesn't elicit a feeling of righteous indignation when you get your next blue screen of death or lose data to an e-mail Trojan horse, I don't know what will." - Nicholas Petreley

"It is necessary to stress that there is no position more anti-competitive than that of the big software producers, which frequently abuse their dominant position, since in innumerable cases they propose as a solution to problems raised by users: "update your software to the new version" (at the user's expense, naturally); furthermore, it is common to find arbitrary cessation of technical help for products, which, in the provider's judgment alone, are "old"; and so, to receive any kind of technical assistance, the user finds himself forced to migrate to new versions (with non-trivial costs, especially as changes in hardware platform are often involved). And as the whole infrastructure is based on proprietary data formats, the user stays "trapped" in the need to continue using products from the same supplier, or to make the huge effort to change to another environment (probably also proprietary)."
Congressman Villanueva's April, 2002 reply letter to Microsoft
"There are so many holes in the Microsoft environment that any [worthy] hacker ...
is going to figure out how to break in," says Anne Thomas.

Check these MS "features":
IE5 reeling again after two new bugs discovered:
IE 4 bug opens users' hard drives; IE 4 bug could compromise security
IE 4 hole exposes local files"the security hole is not an error in code"
IE 4 security hole lets a Web site operator view specific files on user's hard drive.
(affects 4.x and most 3.x versions of Internet Explorer. Their patch is only available for the 4.01 browser)

Evidence again! Micro$oft is more concerned about your upgrade $ than your security!
Their 'spin' is: "for such an exploit to work, a Web site author would have to
know the exact name and location of the file he or she wished to view".
We ask YOU: Are your personal financial accounts stored in a
Quicken, MS Money, or MYM default directory?
Then it would be quite easy for YOUR security to be compromised, wouldn't it!!!
Maybe the MS site looks for unregistered copies of MS software!??? Think about it!
By default, where does IE go when starting!??? What else are they doing that we don't yet know?
Sound like Big Brother? Beware... Big brother Gates can affort it!

Help with Microsoft Annoyances (Synonyms!) including Office

"Just by surfing the Web with Internet Explorer, attackers can
install anything at will on your system and you won't even know it, ...
attackers can use any kind of HTML content to install a Trojan."
"Users can ... use a non-vulnerable browser,"
such as Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, or Opera.
Ken Dunham, the director of malicious code for iDefense

Using Internet Exporer 5.x or 6.0? Don't assume that your connection is actually secure!
"The SSL security indicator in Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.0 doesn't mean you're secure".
Brian Livingston reports that unlike Mozilla and Netscape, "IE doesn't lock down"!

"Improve system stability, speed-up Windows and even remove Internet Explorer!"

And instead of Micro$oft Office, download and use OpenOffice.org! (Here's why)
CERT's overview of the security risks and countermeasures
associated with Internet connectivity for home users!

"NT software glitches leave Navy Smart Ship dead in the water"
"Because of politics, some things are being forced on us ... like Windows NT..."
Summary of Testimony In Microsoft Antitrust Case
100% MS Free
Perhaps you should read this insightful article about
some of Internet Explorer's less known and rather nefarious features!
Will you intrust YOUR data to MS's "fix" ?
If so...
"Think long and hard before you install MS I.E. 4.0 and cause it to replace
your desktop. It can mix private, trusted information on your hard disk with
untrusted information from the Web. Some have also reported that if you decide
to uninstall the browser, removing it may cause problems with your system!"
(We needed to completely re-install WinVirus95 before we had a working system again!)

Does NT stand for Not Truthful, NaughTy or just NoT! ?

"NT makes the easy stuff easy, and the rest impossible.
Unix makes everything possible, but nothing too easy."
(Nobody ever said the best was easy... just worth it!)

On 11/6/2000, a federal judge ruled that
MICROSOFT must pay software maker Bristol Technology $3.7 million in legal fees
in addition to the $1 million it was ordered to pay the company in September

for unfair trade practices.

SCO wins battle for us against MS arrogance!

Action Results from Antitrust Probe and Objection by European Commission

Mar. 11, 1998 Internet World keynote quote:
Pure Java will continue to win wide support among enterprise users despite Microsoft's effort.
"Microsoft tells users and developers what to do" instead of listening to them, he said.
(Edward Zander, Chief Operating Officer of Sun Microsystems, the creators of Java)

What Java is NoT!
"Microsoft has created a new Windows development tool which appears to be based on the Java language. However, it does not appear to meet the fundamental criteria that define a Java implementation. In fact, it falls so far from the Java "tree" that Sun is widely expected to seek an injunction against the deployment of the product, claiming breach of contract and trademark dilution."
(Brett Glass's summary of his 3/11/1998 article: "Visual J++ 6.0: Java it Ain't")

US National Security Alert!!!
Does Microsoft and our government think security is just a game?
Apparently!!! NT software glitches leave Navy Smart Ship dead in the water"
"Because of politics, some things are being forced on us ... like Windows NT...
If we used Unix, we would have a system that has less of a tendency to go down."

Justice Prevails In Browser Bundling Battle
Microsoft must now allow computer makers to bundle competing
browsers such as Netscape's Communicator with their machines.
"Competitors and innovators should know that their products can compete on
their own merits, and not be snuffed out by Microsoft's use of monopoly power"
(Joel Klein, U.S. assistant attorney general for antitrust on 1/22/98)

"it should be understood that all companies deserve to be
respected only to the extent that they honor the interests
of consumers. And in that crucial detail, Microsoft falls
further from the mark than any company in recent history."
(more evidence)
If you still think MS cares more about YOU than YOUR MONEY,
check these Feature Articles and especially this one.
And Why is Microsoft picking on Novell?
While discussing monopolies, we shouldn't ignore the "Telopolies"!

Here's what part of the FrontPage 2002 License says:
"You may not use the Software in connection with any site that disparages
Microsoft, MSN, MSNBC, Expedia, or their products or services ..."

There you have it! No "Free Speech" with FrontPage 2002!!
Don't worry Micro$oft, we don't use FrontPage to write web pages...
and wouldn't want to!   Never did... never will!

Support Competition, Free Markets & Innovation

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