Tiny Boss
  1971 Ford Pinto - Boss 302 Conversion Project
Car was sold without the Engine, Transmission, Shifter.

(The low mileage (39,214 miles) Boss 302 engine ($7,990),
and Hurst Super Shifter (photo) ($290) will be sold separately.

I may 'part out' the engine as low mileage BOSS 302 parts are very rare and bring high prices,
but I'm offering the complete, low mileage Boss 302 motor (DIZE-6015-BA 3H30 (1973-Aug-30)) alone for $7,990.
Westech Performance Group's "1969 BOSS 302 Ford vs 1969 DZ302 Chevy" video
(There is a C9ZE-9424-E Intake Manifold and 750 CFM Holley "Double Pumper" (LIST-4779 2535) on the D1ZE-6015-BA
motor now, with a 600 CFM Holley "Double Pumper" (LIST-4776 243) also available. Flywheel goes with the balanced Motor.)

Email Kropf with any questions and/or serious offers.
Later model White Pinto seats and trim and Tinted Glass are available for a new owner.

Here are some scanned old photos from Tiny Boss's active years:

I purchased this 1971 (date code 12/70) Ford Pinto in 1972 from the 1st owner. (I saw the car brand new when it was bought by my mother's aircraft pilot license instructor.) VIN: 1T10X155371 Body: 62B Col: E Trim: 1A DSO: 11

In 1975 while working at a Ford Dealership, I purchased a brand new Boss 302 Short Block, bare heads, etc. and proceeded to build a brand new Boss 302 motor. I deburred, blueprinted, and balanced the short block; Ported, Polished, and CC'd the new Boss heads and installed Manley Stainless Steel one-piece (.202 Intake) Valves, etc. (They were the same valves as used in big-block Chevy 396 motors!) Some photos of the motor build are below.

While building the future drive train, I would race the 4 cylinder Pinto at Lebanon Valley Raceway (usually on Funny Car Show nights) and had a virtually undefeated low E.T. of 16.71 in the pure stock class. (I only opened the exhaust and widened the 2000 CC's Cam Follower gap by .004" to reduce the exhaust/intake valve overlap - which dropped 4/10ths of a second E.T. from the earlier 17.1's! I couldn't afford any upgrades to the 2.0 L motor as I was putting my upgrade money into the Boss setup.) Oh yeah, after snapping off a few original Pinto shifters, I replaced it with a Hurst Pinto Shifter - which is also available. :-)

In 1976, I replaced the Pinto's 80 some thousand mile 2.0 L motor and drive train with the Boss 302 (5.0L) motor, Lakewood 'Bullet proof' Bellhousing, Ford "Toploader" Wide Ratio (2.78:1) 1st gear 4 spd, Hurst Super Shifter, 3.00:1 ratio 9" 28 spline Equaloc Third Member from a 1957 ?Fairlane with 5 bolt axles. I installed Maverick brakes, Traction Bars, and 14" Ansen Sprint rear wheels. Front Brakes and Steering were replaced with Mustang II components, and 13" Ansen Sprint 4 bolt front wheels. The battery was relocated to the trunk, making it a pleasure to change spark plugs as there is no battery, nor shock towers in the way! The car sat outside for a few years in the early '80s, but has been in my dry garage since then... certainly some rusty areas, but floors, etc are very solid.

I drove Tiny Boss 39,214 miles after the conversion including from New York to Illinois and Florida numerous times, and even to Nova Scotia in 1977. To help get through Pennsylvania's Interstate 80 during the middle of the nights when most gas stations were dark and closed, the original 11 gallon fuel tank was replaced with a 22 gallon Mustang tank with Shelby filler cap. (It certainly did not get 32 MPG like my 1988 5.0 L Thunderbird Sport, but Tiny Boss only had a 3.00:1 ratio rear with no OverDrive transmission which meant 60 MPH was sucking fuel at 3,000 RPM - whereas the T'Bird was doing 1,500 RPM!) In the '80s, the custom headers I fabricated rotted beyond repair, forcing Tiny Boss to be retired.

Motor, Transmission, and Shifter were NOT included when I sold the Pinto, and may be available for separate sale!

Here are some scanned old photos from Tiny Boss's preparation and 8 month transition in 1976:

Early photo with a few drag racing Win Stickers

Accrued Trophies racing T/Stock & K/Stock

Brand new short block disassembled, deburred,

blueprinted, and balanced

Brand new heads ported, polished, cc'd

Manley One-piece Stainless Steel Valves

The Class Winning 2,000 cc served well.

Setting up a 9.0" Equaloc 'pumpkin'.

Enlarged Firewall/tunnel for Lakewood Bellhousing

Enlarged Tunnel for Hurst Super Shifter

Before - Drum brakes

After - Disc brakes

Lakewood Steel Bellhousing & Schaefer 11" Clutch

Custom Clutch Linkage

Welding headers piece by piece took 3 months

The finished products.

I wish I had them porcelianized!

Tiny Boss came to life on Friday, Aug. 13, 1976

Removed Tire Well to make room for 22 gal Gas Tank

Moved Trunk Lock to make room for Shelby Fill Cap

Here are some recent photos of Tiny Boss as sold in 2012:
(Click any thumbnail image for a full size image in a separate window.)

You may email Kropf with any questions and/or serious offers.

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