For Sale - Wheels and Tires set from my 2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG as purchased:
Ace Alloy D707 Light Weight Mesh-7 Wheel set
(Design for Motorsport and Luxury Sedan)
in *Mica Grey* w/Machined Face Staggered 20"   5-112 B.P.

* The flash in the photos on the left side make them appear more black than grey.
Without flash, they appear grey, or a at least, a lighter black. ???

Front: 20" x 8.5" ET: 32 (20x8½JJ, VIA, 815KG, 09, 732) 52 lbs with Tire
General Exclaim UHP 235/35 ZR20 92W M+S 380 AA A - 7/32" or more tread

Rear: 20" x 10.0" ET: 42 (20x10JJ, VIA, 815KG, 09, 732) 64 lbs with Tire
Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 275/35 R20 102W 300 A A - 4/32" or more tread

Each wheel has fully functional Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) sensors mounted.

(TPMS sensors worked well on my 2005 E55 AMG, and likely some other years/models.)

(Click any wheel image below for the full 1200x1200 view in a separate window. Each wheel has two photos:
the photos on the left side of page taken with Flash, the photos on the right side taken without Flash.)
LF (with flash)
^ LF (taken with flash) DOT: HWAJ 3PJ 1508 ^
LF (without flash)
^ LF (taken without flash) ^
RF (with flash)
^ RF (taken with flash) DOT: HWAJ 3PJ 1508 ^
RF (without flash)
^ RF (taken without flash) ^

RR (with flash)
^ RR (taken with flash) DOT: V65Y FWO 1310 ^
RR (without flash)
^ RR (taken without flash) ^
LR (with flash)
^ LR (taken with flash) DOT: V65Y FWO 1110 ^
LR (without flash)
^ LR (taken without flash) ^

Kropf's E55 on Galveston Beach, TX
^ Here they are a few hours after I purchased my E55 in Texas. ^
April 2014, remounted this set on my E55 and drove from NY to Florida and back.
Includes 1/2" spacers for front with longer lug bolts. Center caps NOT included.

Price for the 4 wheels, mounted tires, TPMS Sensors: $680 + shipping
You may email Kropf with any questions and/or serious offers.

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